My interests are in the area of governance and geography of coastal and inland fisheries, with particular reference to a small-scale sector. I study these topics from multiple angles that contribute to theoretical, methodological and policy development.

My work is focusing on transboundary and multiscalar governance of fisheries where cooperation and institutions are key enabling elements. Previously, I examined the extent and the effect of (multidimensional) trust and informal communication in enhancing inter-agency collaboration in the Great Lakes fisheries of North America. Currently, I am looking to extend this knowledge into the realm of fisheries and coral reef management in Asia-Pacific. My theoretical starting point is the interactive governance perspective, while methodologically I am interested in the design of survey instruments for measuring stakeholders’ underlying notions such as value, principle and trust using the techniques of pile sort and psychometric scale.

With experiences in Malawi, the Philippines, South Korea and Canada, I am drawn to research activities that critically engage with the complex and diverse interactions between the coastal environment and human society.